The Cabin Air Filter vs. The Engine Air Filter

The cabin air filter is often confused with the engine air filter, but they are two separate filters. The cabin air filter is similar to filters used by your home air conditioning system, the ones you are supposed to change every month. It filters all the outside air coming into your car, removing dust and allergens. Many even come statically charged to attract more dust.

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After functioning for about 15,000 miles, they are typically pretty dirty, which is why 15000 miles is the industry standard for replacing them. That means a cabin air filter replacement should be included in your car's 30k, 60k and 90k services, but also needs to be replaced once between those services as well.

The cost of the filter itself can tend to be more expensive than other filters, and depending on your vehicle's make and model, it can be labor intensive to access, which raises the cost of the job.

So why wouldn't you save the money and breathe a little extra dust?

A restricted cabin air filter reduces the efficiency of your auto's air conditioning. It also makes your car's electronic system have to work much harder, which can cause blower (fan) motor and blower motor resistor failure.

Simplify Keeping Track of Maintenance

Keeping track of maintenance can by confusing, and you need to know what's been done and what hasn't when you visit the shop. I've taken the complication out of it with this free, printable Maintenance Tracker.

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