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It's hard to believe that January is almost over. Just because the month is over shouldn't mean that we should forget or give up on all the goals that we set for ourselves. It should just be the beginning. I set out to loose weight and I am so happy to say that I have lost 13 lbs so far. It is so exciting to set a dream, create a goal and start to achieve it. There are other dreams that I have been getting frustrated with. I want them to succeed now not tomorrow. The waiting game is so hard for me. I get bored very easily and want to move on if I don't see instant results. That is what separates the dreamers from those who do. Dreamers jump ship, those who succeed rage on. It's the process of sewing and reaping. There is a way to stay focused and it's called being organized. Some of you just threw up in your mouth at the thought of that. I am not a naturally organized person. I had to teach my self systems to be organized.

Let's start with your thoughts. Yes, dreamers, you have to organize all those thoughts. If they just wander in your mind they will start getting in your way. I used to be a big pen and paper kind of gal. I couldn't leave home without my franklin covey. My wonderful techie-nerd husband introduced me to the computer world. It was a struggle at first. I still use paper in the beginning stages of a creative idea but, that paper tends to get lost (take a picture of it). I have discovered a few ways to keep my thoughts in order and to hog tie that ADHD so it doesn't run a muck in my mind. One of my favorite ways is Pinterest but I'm going to save that for it's very own post. Here are a few other ways to capture your thoughts.

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EvernoteEvernote is an app that you can access online, phone, tablet. It is a great way to throw every little piece of paper, idea, card, and etc. that comes your way into one spot. On their website they have tutorials and more on how to use the app. There are even books written on the subject. Below is just a few quick ways to get you started.

Examples of how you can use Evernote or a similar app to organize your crazy thoughts:

Things you can take a note of and find it later on any device.

  • You had a great idea in the middle of the night, in the lou, in line or wherever you get ideas.
  • Names and notes on people you just met (aka: your kids friends parents, networking event)
  • business ideas
  • mission statements- notes to self on not getting distracted
  • free things to do, great date night ideas
  • list of chores for kids when they get in trouble (I have three boys)

Things you can take a picture of and add keywords to search for it later.

  • You sketched out a great idea for new project on a cocktail napkin.
  • sketch that you drew out in sand, snow, budda board
  • At the book store and want to read a book but, not then.
  • lovely DIY idea at a local store
  • business card
  • flyers on coffee shop wall

Not only those ideas but how many of us fill up our bookmark bar only to realize that same bookmark is not on your phone or tablet when you need it? You can save websites to a note and save PDF files to a note. Now everything you need is in one spot.

There are so many things you can use a note app for. The main point with this is to start putting all those ideas in one spot. Now that you know where everything is you can start to focus on what is important. Don't allow yourself to get side tracked.

I have a folder dedicated to art ideas. When I get an idea I jot it down for when I have time. When I get a new business idea I jot it down and put it in a folder called business ideas. Then I go and read a note I wrote to myself about what I am trying to accomplish now. If it doesn't fit in those idea's then it stays in the folder for later in life. I get a new business idea every hour it seems like. If I change direction every time I got a new idea I would be going in circles.

Stop loosing your ideas, notes, and other important stuff. It is okay to write it down but, take a picture of it and file it away for another day. This will not only save you time but will help us creative folks not loose our minds.


Grab a reminder app and let's get those task organized. I don't put my task in the same place as my thoughts. Thoughts are distractions that need to be filed for another time. Task are those things you need to get done. Some now-some later. Getting those organized will help you same time and not work on things not important.

I use the reminder app that came on my mac. It works with my calendar and has these annoying little alarms I can set to annoy me until I do it. I can even ask Siri to remind me to do stuff when I get home. So if I'm driving I can ask her to remind me to find lost library book, or ground one of my teens or find one of my kids. Reminders are awesome when you have such an active mind that lives in wonderland most of the time.

I divide my reminders into different list.Important to do- To do- Budget- Freedom Art- Art projects -Etsy shop - Fiberlily blog Etc.

The idea is that for each project I have going on I have a reminder for it. I look at the Important to do on a daily basis. This has things like check Zion's grades, fill out Nikon warranties, plan my Jamaica trip. You can move each item in the list around to place it in order of importance. You can also set timers, due dates and reminders for each of them.

Before I start to work on a project I look at my reminders to see if there is anything I must get done right away or if I am missing anything.

To really make this work well you have to create the reminder when you are thinking of it. You need milk create a reminder. Or you can say"Siri- remind me to get milk for the kids when I am near Whole Foods" That way when you get home you don't have to waste time that could be used for crafting to run to the store.

Let's wrap all this up. This is a lot of information to get a hold of and I would love to answer any questions you might have. The key here is to not let your thoughts get in the way of your day. Keep them organized and in a place you can find them. Stop relying on trying to remember everything. Creative minds just don't work like that. You need that room for all your creativity.

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