Thanksgiving Traditions

1. Family time I always enjoyed the entire family getting together during Thanksgiving. However, since moving to North Carolina, the thought of having every one I love in the same room is even more exciting to me.

2. Food -With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I find myself dreaming of stuffing, pumpkin pie and turkey. I wish I was joking, but I actually had a dream about stuffing the other day.

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3. Watching football all day - Since I don't have cable, watching the Detroit Lions play is considered a luxury to me (even if they blow it).

4. Thanksgiving seems to put every one in a better mood - This can be said about a lot of holidays, but Thanksgiving is the first time since summer that people are able to take time off and unwind.

5. Booze Booze is usually included somewhere in Thanksgiving for most people. I don't need to explain why this is fantastic.

6. Calendar stability Thanksgiving will forever be on the fourth Thursday in November. Stability is a great thing.

7. It's the stepping stone to Christmas I already put my tree up and I've been watching Elf for the past month, but Thanksgiving is the stepping stone to the holiday season for normal people.

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