Self hosted blog - Avoid these 5 noob mistakes

In a self hosted blog it is very important that you pay attention to the details. Obviously there are many more than five factors to watch out for in blogging. Especially if you have your own blog hosted on your web site.

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I have selected five that I think are important to watch out for. These can be very costly mistakes if they are not taken care of properly.

Trust me, some of us learned the hard way.

Some of them may seem obvious.

Maybe you have a he'll of a lot more blog-smarts than I had when I started.

It's ok, I forgive you...

Here are the top five things for today that I wanted to highlight for those who go about setting up their self hosted blog.

  • Not Having a Self Hosted Blog

  • Not Creating Frequent Backups

  • Not Having an Optin Form

  • Not Having Analytics Installed

  • Not Promoting Content

Not Having a Self Hosted Blog

This is where logic comes in. Many people are afraid to have a self hosted blog for many reason.

  1. They think it might cost too much.
  2. They think you have to be a rocket scientist.
  3. They think that it takes too much time.

There are many factors, but let me ask you this?

  1. Do any of those outweigh your ability to have control over your content?
  2. How about your ability to customize and brand yourself in the way that makes your brand special in your customer's eyes and having full control over that customization?
  3. How about your ability to track your prospects through proper analytics?
  4. Or your ability to make money?

To me, it just seemed like a no-brainer. I do not want someone else to control my site, my content, or my ability to make money.

Not Creating Frequent Backups

So you have been placing blog posts consistently for 90 days straight. Average post time including keyword research, pictures, writing editing etc 90 to 100 hours minimum.

Something happens...

Something terrible...

Something horrendous...

Something crashes somewhere and...

You lose everything...

Don't laugh... it DOES HAPPEN!

The fact is that it is very affordable to back up your content. I recently had a crash on my self hosted blog and luckily my web programmer friend Karl Monson had previously backed up all of our blog information. Between the all of our sites, that is countless hours of time spent honing our craft, writing content, graphics creation, copy writing, and more. I get nervous just thinking about what would have happened if we would have crashed entirely.

Not Good.

Back up your content. Often!

Not Having an Optin Form

I repeat from my post yesterday on choosing the best blogging platform.

This is the key.

So let's say that you are good at creating content or know how to outsource it to someone else who knows...

Then you customize your blog to make it congruent with your brand and other sites...

Then you master the ability to get your content to go viral...

And traffic starts to flow in...

If you have no way to capture the information of those prospects and offer them products, then it was all for naught.

Not Having Analytics Installed

A sales Trainer friend of mine once told me:

If you don't know your numbers, then you are not serious about your business at all.

I sometimes watch the show Shark Tank with my daughter. We love watching the show and it allows me to teach my daughter some very important lesson about business.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that go onto that show requesting a rather large investment but not understanding the numbers that the "Sharks" are looking for. Things like revenues, sales, profits, growth, licensing, etc should be very much in the forefront.

Analytics is much the same. I remember the first time I heard the terms bounce rate, exit, page views, time on site. It seemed like a foreign language to me. Honest truth, I am still learning what some of it means. I do understand the importance of knowing these numbers once you have any kind of consistent traffic.

It gives you the advantage of knowing what is working on your site, and what is not working. IT helps you find the areas that are keeping your customers from lifting their credit cars out of their pockets and buying everything we have to offer.

In short, Analytics in the long run is how you increase the efficiency of your online sales engine.

Not Promoting Content

Now time to piss some people off.

This may be the single greatest error that new business owners make on their self hosted blog.

The internet doesn't care how good your content is.

The Google Spiders do not recognize how much money you invested in your logo.

Yahoo doesn't give a rip about the hours that you have spent tweaking your SEO.

Traffic does not occur on it's own over the short term, unless you really know what you are doing.

Therefor, you must promote your content. Be it social engagement on your social networks, article marketing, blog commenting, PPC, PPI, banner ads, guest blogging, or other free and paid strategies, if you are really looking to get started now you must make it a point to market EVERY DAY.

For more education on these vital traffic driving Strategies click HERE. This is where I learned almost everything I know.


If you are doing all of this already, then this post isn't for you.

If you have gotten this far into this post, I figure that you are hungry enough to discover some of my real secrets.

There is a way for you to learn this information from people who make over 30k per month using their blogs*. These people are the reason that I make the money I make*. Everything about internet marketing that I have learned, I have learned from them.

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