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Believe it or not we don't live on chicken alone! I am sharing recipes that reflect the true content of my fridge/freezer and just lately it's been chickens-ville. But fear not, I went to the butchers so life can get a little more exciting. I'm also going to share with you my secret fresh Tomato Sauce for pasta and soups.

But back to the chicken in hand, this is a fresh and zesty lunch or dinner idea that you are legally required to drink a chilled glass of something crisp dry and white with (and whilst preparing it if the mood takes you..the mood often takes me).

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I do add a fair amount of chili to mine so it's not really suitable for children but you can of course just leave the chili out (I need to seek out C.A, chili anonymous..I can't live without it!!!!).

As per the norm I eat this dish simply on a bed of what ever salad items I have in my fridge, where as the other half would most probably have some crusty bread or a baked potato as it's a quicky no fuss dish.

It does involve a frying (they gasp in horror), but when I want a quick tasty flavour provider the frying pan is allowed out to play. You could actually oven bake the chicken, but I didn'tso there!!


2 chicken breasts

1 Lime you will need half the zest and all the juice

Coconut Oil or Olive Oil the coconut oil will obviously add a distinct flavour to the dish..mmmmm yummy

tsp Dry Chili although I like to use more, you can add or reduce the amount to your personal taste.

tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 clove garlic or squeeze of garlic puree

Salt and Pepper

Runny honey


Salad leaves of your choice I recommend good old fashioned iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce as the sturdier leaves stand up to warm ingredients.

I also added peppers, rocket, cucumber and tomatoes which are all commonplace in my fridge.


Set your oven to a medium heat, about 180C.

I know I have referred to this as a quicky dish but as with anything the longer you leave it to marinate the more intense the flavour will be, overnight would be awesome but it usually gets a rapid five minutes in my house (thats more like 3.5 mins) as hunger tends to beat my patience into submission.

As I was in a hurry I sliced into each chicken breast (see pic) without cutting it into pieces to avoid the breasts drying out.

Pop your chicken in a bowl or marinating bag, throw in the lime zest and juice, dry chili, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. Next add several good glugs of oil, enough to fully coat the chicken and then some. If you're using coconut oil then heat a few tablespoons and pour over the chicken. Marinate for as long as possible but you can cook it immediately and it will still be delicious.

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