Hello, Ruby Tuesday! Jill Hammer Pinot Noir Rose

As much as I love drinking French roses, I may enjoy drinking SLOcal wines even more. There's a kind of fun adventurous spirit that accompanies discovering some delicious wine from a quirky little upstart San Luis Obispo winery. So of course, when I was trying to decide what to drink for this Ruby Tuesday, I started immediately looking for a local wine that I had never tried before.

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I came across Jill Hammer, the rose from San Luis Obispo winery Jackhammer. I loved it immediately because of it's nod to the undeniably feminine nature of roses. Plus, it's got a screw cap, a yes-nonsense top for a fun little wine.

This rose is 100% pinot noir, like all Jackhammer wines. In the glass, it's a beautiful dusty rose color, with delicate rose and raspberry aromas. It's silky smooth and supple in the mouth, with typical pinot raspberry and strawberry flavors, and perhaps (my boyfriend and I argued about this one) just a little hint of butterscotch. But this rose is still dry, just the way I like it! It's easy to drink, and disappeared way too quickly, in my opinion. But I suppose that's the mark of a good wine.

For an extra special summer treat, pair Jill Hammer with a peach and apricot cobbler, and cool off in the shade while enjoying wine and dessert.

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