Herbs and spices have been used even during the ancient days.

Herbs and spices have been used even during the ancient days. Its because herbs and spices enhances the original tastes of the ingredients and will turn the meal extraordinary. In fact using fresh herbs is highly recommended because of the nutrients and vitamins content that adds up to the recipe. Adding these ingredients to your dish creates wonderful aromas that can impress your dining guests. This is the so called gourmet style of cooking that is made possible by using the right amount of herbs and spices.

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The first thing that you should know is to know the different herbs including basil, savory, parsley, rosemary, thyme, Tarragon, chervil, cumin, coriander, dill, caraway, garlic, ginger, curry, lemongrass, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. This means that the herbs can change or improve the aroma and particularly the flavor of the foods.

If you want to use herbs and spices in your cooking, you can find both fresh and dried herbs in food markets. Aside from using the traditional garlic, onions, pepper and salt, you can try gourmet cooking by using variations of herbs and spices.

Here are some of the recommended combinations when using herb in cooking:

For meat

    • Pork mint and rosemary


    • Beef curry, oregano and garlic


    • Chicken curry, ginger and thyme


    • Lamb rosemary and mint


    • Turkey savory, thyme and basil

For fish

    • Trout, salmon, tuna, Mahi-Mahi


    • Most fish lemongrass, dill, lime juice and lemon

Herbs also work with vegetables including parsley, basil, coriander, thyme, oregano and cumin. Likewise, herbs can also be added with fruits such as rosemary, lemongrass, ginger and mint.

Buying herbs

Another thing to consider when integrating herbs and spices in cooking is to buy from fresh food sections. Dried varieties can be expensive if it is available in prepackaged bottles. If you're in a budget, you can look for stores selling herbs in smaller quantities or from wholesale stores. This will also give you chance in getting wide variety of herbs and spices at affordable cost.

Growing herbs

Growing herbs is another option to have abundant supply of herbs that you can use for cooking. If there's enough space in your backyard you can plant some variety of herbs or you can plant it in containers. There are endless possibilities of growing herbs on your own.

Moreover, cooking with herbs and spices greatly benefits your health. Thats why as much as possible you should store dried herbs so that you won't run out of supply. Proper storage should be observe to preserve the natural and original taste and texture of the herbs. Indeed, herbs and spices can make every dish extraordinary. You can experiment cooking by trying other varieties of herbs.

If you're not familiar about the different herbs, you should never attempt using it. If it's your first time to buy make sure that it is labeled even on your storage so that you won't be mistaken. There benefits of using herbs in cooking is really interesting not only by making delicious foods but also making it nutritious.

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